We are HyperActive, an Ottawa-based, Canadian-owned communications firm in business since 1992. We specialize in social marketing, brand development, e-learning services, and the production of a wide range of visually-based tools for government, business, and the voluntary sector.

We are widely known for our work in video production, audio, and print for clients in business, government, and the voluntary sector here in Canada and in Europe. We also offer innovative web site development, tools, and applications and a full range of learning systems for existing or purpose-built LMS/LCMS.

We build outward from the solid foundation of research and commit to the relentless pursuit of ideas. Our unique strength is the ability to move from need to strategy to execution with high energy, innovation, and more than a little magic.

That passion is fueled by the incredible connections we make through our work. It is people like the men and women of the Canadian Forces, the community members of Mphande Hills, Zambia, the Inuit leaders determined to change the future of Davis Inlet, volunteers and firefighters and bus drivers and pilots and Wish Kids and homemakers and scientists who continue to inspire our work every day.

To see detailed examples of our work please visit our portfolio.

HyperActive – Ideas that refuse to stand still.

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