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Latest News 2017

Filming in India with UNICEF

Just popping over to India for a bit…

Our work with UNICEF has taken us all around the world, and this month, Jeff Lively and intrepid UNICEF staff producer Benita Hansraj travelled to New Delhi, India, on a film shoot covering UNICEF programs on maternal and child health issues, focused specifically on systematic eradication of diarrhea, which kills hundreds of thousands of children a year. These shoots are strenuous, sometimes dangerous, always challenging, and they require stamina, flexibility, and great kit. Just watching Jeff prepare for this adventure reminded us that it takes much more than just creative chops to pull off these highly emotional, logistically complex shoots.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Dusting off a great campaign…

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is one of our favourite clients because they really understand the connection between great creative and audience retention! Several years ago we produced a set of 8 “tip clips” – fifteen-second mini-commercials destined, at that time, for new media and theatre audiences. Spin forward half a dozen years, and they asked us to re-imagine the spots using the “Floyd family” we’d created for three different campaigns. 

Watch the video here

Syrian Refugee Family

Syrian Refugees

Sometimes a project teaches you funamental lessons about life - and this is one of them. Over the past four months, through the production of a film for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, we’ve had the singular honour of getting to know three Syrian families, all part of Canada’s GAR (government-assisted regugee) program. While each family’s story is different, there’s a common thread - humility, a sense of wonder about how friendly and inviting Canadians are, and a sense of hope and optimism about what Canada can offer these wonderful men, women and children. The experience has made us all stop and reflect on how fortunate we are, and how fragile and how crucial Canada’s culture is.