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Tim Pitsiulak

Tim Pitsiulak

One of the things we’ve learned over 25 years of working in the Canadian north is that it is as unforgiving and challenging an environment as it is beautiful. This was driven home to us two days before Christmas as we learned that our friend, Tim Pitsiulak, had succumbed to a severe respiratory illness in Cape Dorset, NU, unable to be airlifted out to an appropriate medical care facility because of storms that made it impossible for the medevac to take place. We worked with Tim on the creation of the Kenojuak Ashevak Cultural Centre and Print Shop film. We got to know a dedicated father and husband with a 5,000 watt smile: a brave hunter, an immensely talented artist, and probably the staunchest San Jose Sharks fan who ever lived.

Peace, Tim.  

Watch the video here