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Mike Hicks shares CHC campaign vision and strategy with national industry leaders, March 2018, Ottawa

A Strategic Mix of Video and Digital Marketing for Canadian Horticultural Council

We’ve done a number of social marketing projects, but this one is unique and fascinating. Our job is to convince Canadian government organizations AND Canadian citizens that the international farm workers who come to our country every year and work in the fields and greenhouses are a positive force – a necessary and essential force – that puts food on the table for 35 million of us every day. If you ask most of the workers, they love what they do, and the benefits for them are immeasurable, especially when it comes to providing for their families and communities back home.

It would be simple to just do a longform video about this topic, but the Council wants real impact: so we are building a robust digital media campaign and custom-building video assets to make that campaign work. Our goal? Show what’s REALLY going on “down on the farm” and tell a genuine and engaging set of small stories about this important work force.